Gen4 Status Meter Update

Gen4 Status meter

Code the new status meter to automatically uninstall any status meters from the old applications. I had to manually uninstall and it's just not that hard to code the uninstall into the program.

The status meter install window needs some tweaking. A small window pops up and takes control of the screen. If you're able to get all the way to the install, the message in the top part of the window states "Please wait while application installs" yet at the bottom of that small window is a message to "Try Again". It took several minutes for the install to finish; however, during that time it wasn't clear the install was taking place (hence remove the "try again" message). When we finally figured out the install was done, it was hard to find the "x" in the upper right of the small window to exit the window. Revamping the window would make it more user friendly.

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