Gen 4 Problems - Not Just Speeds!

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i have had gen4 since it became available in october (i believe my install was on oct 3). after the first month or so, i contacted hughes about my slower than advertised speeds - i have the 15mb package, i'm getting 'normally' 6-7mb. long story short, it got escalated, and never got resolved. partly on my part, as i did not pursue it as much as i should have, but also tech support never called me back (the 2nd time), and working in retail, november & december are very busy months for me and i just didn't have the time to deal with it. i was also secretly hoping that it would work itself out, as the service was new and probably had some kinks to still fix. (i would like to point out that a very nice lady DID call me to find out if my issue had been resolved, which i told her it had not and she urged me to call support back, but she was not from tech support herself, she was calling in reference to a topic i had posted here, and that small effort on her part was greatly appreciated. i have forgotten her name, but i would like to thank her.)

time went on, and speeds did not improve (not as big of a problem, as it was still 6-7x faster than what i was used to, but still disappointing.) sometime in those two months, however, my turbo page/web acceleration started to constantly go down. this was very annoying, but again i did not have time to deal with it at the time, so i let it go a while, again hoping it would fix itself.

now, over the last few weeks i suppose, the turbo page is not going down so much, but instead my transmit is going in & out all the time! i can watch it in the system control center go from green to red to green again, in a matter of a few seconds. if my internet is idle, it seems to stay green. but whenever i try to load any webpages of any sort, it will go in and out like that the entire time it is trying to load. (sometimes it never loads and i have to refresh) also, my upload speeds are horrid, worse than they were in the beginning, before i was getting around 1mb up, give or take a bit - now i am getting under 100kb up for the most part.

i did some speed tests this evening, just a bit ago - at 11pm, certainly not peak times, and these were my results:

02/10/2013 23:17:12 6385 84
02/10/2013 23:15:42 6219 68
02/10/2013 23:13:26 5599 23
02/10/2013 23:02:33 6317 50
02/10/2013 23:01:15 6295 102
02/10/2013 22:59:44 6137 122

while the tests were running, i watched the system control center, and there were quite some 'down' times during them. usually it goes down during the upload test. i have been noting the errors it's giving me, and am compiling information for when i call support, which i will be doing sometime over the next couple of days. if not tomorrow, then most likely tuesday.

just curious if anyone else has been having this transmit issue as well? i don't know a lot about the inner workings of the service, but i'm beginning to wonder if there's just something wrong with the modem itself. back when i talked to them about the speed issues a few months ago, they said the tests they ran showed nothing wrong with the hardware, but i think maybe they were wrong, and that is why they could not figure out what was wrong with my service.
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Official Response
Hi Amanda, I'm very happy to hear that you are receiving good speeds and that you are happy with your service.

Please let me know if you feel that all your other concerns have been addressed or if you still require assistance. We are here to help.