Google says I am sending automated queries...

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For the last week, half the time I do a google search, I get:
"Google Sorry... We're sorry...
... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now."

I have done complete scans with "Avast" and "Comodo cleaning essentials." Both programs say I have NO malware on my computer. I have not seen anyone else connecting to my home network. Other than using different search engines, anyone have any suggestions??
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Posted 2 years ago

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Carl you might get more answers from google. I have not seen this before but you might try "Hijack This" to see if your computer(s) have been rooted which may not be detected by antivirus scans.
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notechsupprt2, Thanks for the reply. I have had no issues lately. The only other thing I can think of was that a friends son brought his mom's laptop over to play minecraft with my grandson. I gave him access to my network to play multi-player. Perhaps their 'puter has malware on it...
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Carl, did you ever get this resolved? My ipad and computer are now giving this message. My router is password protected and no one besides us has used it. Also all antivirus is up to date with no problems.
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HughesNet is using NAT: hiding many computers on a private network behind a single public interface on a router. Imagine your wireless rouer and scale it up, really, really big! To Google, the Eye in the Sky, (may she benevolently rule over us all when she turns into Skynet), the search queries from all the customers behind one of these NAT routers probably appear to be coming from one IP address or computer.

Since it's hard to tell the difference between a computer generating a lot of traffic and a computer hiding a lot of other computers, Google goes with broad strokes and remarks that there's suspicious traffic from your "computer *or* network". (I suppose we should be thankful that Google doesn't yet inspect traffic that would be a bit creepy.)

I'm guessing the same thing happens with the web acceleration proxies.

As for how to fix it? I dunno. Hold tight, this is something that only HughesNet can fix, if it can be fixed.

If anyone is curious, NAT is often used to combat IP(v4) address exhaustion. There's only about 4 billion IP addresses in the world and by now they've all been assigned. And that's why there's no public IPv4 addresses with Gen4...and why everything goes through "IP Gateways", aka NAT routers. Public IPv4 addresses are a precious thing these days!


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Hi Country girl, if you are still having difficulty please give us a call at 866-347-3292 so that we can make sure that there isn't something else that could be happening with your system.