Why does the blue-colored light blink constantly (HN9000 Receive Light Emitting Diode)?

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Why does the blue-colored "Receive" LED continuously blink on the front of my HN9000 modem, even when the LAN cable is disconnected? It has been doing this since about 9/3/2011, and nobody in HughesNet "tech support" has had any idea what is going on. They keep saying it "must be Windows", or "must be the router", or "must be my PC", all of which do not explain why the problem persists even when the LAN cable is disconnected. The HN9000 reports that it is receiving over two million packets per hour, even when the LAN cable is disconnected. Please advise...
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My recieve light blinks constantly and always has if i'm not mistaken.
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It means the modem is alive. That's a good thing. Mine has always done it and I had to tape over the lights since they're so bright at night.

It's strange that tech support (Customer Care?) couldn't tell you this. I guess none of them have ever seen a HughesNet modem over there!
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We started HughesNet service in July 2011, and for the first 6 weeks the HN9000 Receive LED only blinked when I was receiving real data, like you would expect to see on a wireless router. So we had about 6 weeks of "normal" operation, then the LED started blinking continuously in early September 2011. The HN9000 Transmit LED still works properly (only blinks when I am sending data or packet requests). It makes me feel a teeny bit better that I am not the only person in the world having this problem, but I would still like to get it fixed. Anybody technical at HughesNet listening??
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I am not familiar with the 9000 modem but with a 7000 this should not be happening. It's a no-harm, no-foul issue if you find that you are not downloading any data during this period but I would unplug the LAN for a few hours (or overnight) and then check your usage data some hours later to verify that no data downloaded during that time period.
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The receive light blinks whenever the modem is receiving data from the satellite, which, in the case of the HN9000, is all the time while there is network connectivity. This is by design. The heartbeat data that arrives from the satellite does not count toward your download allowance or affect your service in any way.
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Hello BruceW,
Patrick is absolutely right:

All HN9000 LEDs can be on with the LAN LED off. The only LED that should appear to be on all the time (no flashing) is the Power LED.

The LAN LED is sensing whether or not an Ethernet connection is being maintained between the Satellite Modem's LAN port, located on the back of the modem, and a connected Ethernet device such as a computer or a router.

The Receive LED will be on when there is a connection between the Satellite Modem and the Spaceway satellite and will flash as data traffic is received from the satellite.

Here's a diagram to help identify what's what.

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Thank you Patrick and Sara of HughesNet for some informed replies, something which I have been unable to obtain for 7 weeks via the normal HughesNet "technical support" service (e-mail and chat).

Evidently the HN9000 user interface has changed between late July 2011 and early September 2011. Prior to about 9/3/2011, the receive LED only blinked when I was downloading internet packets, and the HN9000's internal receive packet counter only incremented under the same circumstances.

Now the receive LED blinks constantly, which is annoying, distracting, and conveys no useful information to me, the user, because the steady on status and steady blinking status now mean the very same thing (system is OK). And the very same HN9000 receive packet counter, which used to be static when I was downloading no data packets, now increments at a rate of over 2 million packets per hour.

So either the HughesNet system software has changed, or my HN9000 software has changed.

The HN9000 User Guide (March 2008) clearly indicates that the Transmit LED operations and Receive LED operations should be the same. OFF => no service. Steady ON => good connection. Blinking => activity (data packets being sent or received). What it does not specify for the receive case is whether the "data packets" are system maintenance packets, packets being sent to other users, or packets being sent to the individual subscriber (me).

I still believe that the correct interpretation of the HN9000 User Guide is that both the transmit and receive LED's (when blinking) should indicate "user activity", and that something about your recent system upgrades has caused the HN9000 "Receive" LED operations to change for the worse (please fix it).

In the meantime I will just tape over the receive LED and ignore it.

Thanks again for the attention from informed HughesNet employees.
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Well my system runs slow then when I am on Facebook it loses conection. Its just not facebook it is all the time. Is there something I can do or you to help with this problem
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My HN9000 receive light used to blink rapidly during communication cycles and remained "on" solid in between. The steady blink started after the last modem crash that required a power down reset and the tech support call with the automated system test. service returned but now at 300Kbps down, 180 Kpbsup. this is about 30% the advertised spec. tired of the rude treatment by tech support so looking at another service provider. Almost 10 tears with Hughes and support has not gotten any better!
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Since this thread is a year old, I have taken the liberty of creating a new topic with your comment. Please reference the new topic here: Slow speeds and customer service concern.
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Hi brucew, since this thread is a year old and we haven't heard back from you, I will assume your concern has been addressed and close this thread. Suz

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