HOW TO: How do I register to the Support Center?

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We encourage you to register to our Support Center where you can manage your account, emails, usage, payments and premium services. These steps will guide you on how to register to Support Center.

1 - Launch,

2 - Enter your SAN and Telephone number on file in the Billing system (do not check the box next time I have my Customer ID.

3 - Click Register.

4 - Click the email provider icon for the email that you will use to register to Support Center.

5 - Confirm the email address that you will use to register to Support Center.

6 - Click the Continue to the Support Center to log in button.

7 - Verify the SAN upon login.
*information in this post is subject to change without notice. Please refer to for the most up to date information.
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Sara for Hughes, Official Rep

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jerry Sadowski

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Sara, does it work? Last night the Field Tech for Hughes was at my house and he couldn't access the web site for Speed Test, I tried and Failed also. Plus Steph and a Engineer last had the same issues while they were trying fix my issues and run Speed Tests.
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Amanda, Official Rep

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More than sure they are related - I will let someone know right now. Thank you sgoshe
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Your welcome!
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Charles McCool, Champion

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So your the person that broke it, lol
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Charlotte Calhoun

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I had fapped out, so I used a token.  It was supposed to be instant, but I still can't watch my movie.  I can't log in to my account to see how much data I have left.  When I called in, the web address they gave me for the support center did not exist.
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Liz, Official Rep

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Hi Charlotte,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, we can address your concerns. Please start a new thread with a case number or your modem's serial number so we can pull up your account. Please also note the UR(web address) you were given so we can investigate further for you.