Tokens? New to hughs net.

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What are tokens?
How do I view tokens I have?
I used all my data /GB? and clicked to buy tokens to speed back up. I am still super slow and still get offers to buy more tokens?
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Katie G, first, which system do you have? HT1000, HT1100, HN9000?

In either case you have three buckets worth of data if you are a new customer on a Gen4 service plan, Connect, Power, PowerPro, and PowerMax.

If you are getting the alert when you visit you can for the most part ignore it. As tokens are added to a special Token Bucket seperate from your Anytime and Bonus buckets. The system only checks those two buckets for allowance numbers before displaying an error.

I would advise you download and install the Hughesnet Status Meter available at

Once downloaded, and installed, if you right click on the icon in your system tray, then click on Status, you can view all three buckets, Anytime, Bonus, and Token.

Once you have used all of your Bonus Bytes, you will start to use Anytime at night, once you are out of Anytime Bytes, you will start to use Token Bytes.

Bonus Bytes are not used at all during the daytime.

Regardless though, the meters will state you have no allowance left if your Anytime or Bonus are zero, even if you have 1GB worth of token allowance left.

This tool will also let you easily add tokens to your account.

Examples of how or when which bucket are used.

A: It is the middle of the day 4:00PM, you have two buckets available to use. Anytime Bytes, and Token Bytes. The third one, Bonus Bytes is not available between 8:01AM to 1:59AM. Once you are out of Anytime Bytes, the system will alert you that you are out of bytes, and that the meter is at 0%. BUT, you have 1GB of Token Bytes available. The system will automatically start using those, but still display 0% in the Anytime Bucket.

B: It is 3:00AM, you have all three buckets available in this order. Bonus, Anytime, then Token. You have just used all of your Bonus Bytes. The system will automatically start using your Anytime Bytes during this time period as well as the normal time period. Once your Anytime Bytes are used up, you will start to use any available Token Bytes.

Note about data usage. Anytime Bytes and Bonus Bytes do NOT roll-over to the next month. But from what I have seen, the Token Bytes, if NOT used WILL roll-over to the next month and so on, as it is data you have purchased instead of being included in the monthly cycle.

Another note, when are you seeing these slowdowns? Have you ran the appropriate speedtests at It is normal for the system to slow-down somewhat in the afternoons and on weekends when there is more load on the satellite. Also, what is your signal at? It would be listed at under the System Status, it should be above 90 on a clear day if the trees are not in the way. Having a heavily treed in area will make having a good signal a serious issue in the future.
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Thanks Charles for the great reply!

Katie- Have you ever called us and gotten a case number? If so, please post it and I will look you up in our system. If not, I could try to find you by the serial number on your modem.

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Dear Mr. Scott,

Wow thank you for all the information. You have taught me so much. I didnt know it would be so complicated! I clicked on your link and this is what I see tonight -after buying tokens and using very little data-just emails etc... no video or anything

Data Allowance Status
Data Allowance Status
Data Allowance Remaining
53 MB

AnyTime Data Allowance
5.0 GB
AnyTime Data Allowance Remaining
0 MB
Bonus Bytes
5.0 GB
Bonus Bytes Remaining
4.9 GB
Token Bytes Available
53 MB

Allowance Resets in 5 days, 1 hr and 56 min

"I would advise you download and install the Hughesnet Status Meter available at"

Off to do that right now. One step at a time.
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No, I will wait til morning before 8am ;)