Tunngle no longer recieveing "green face" (port open)


One has a yellow face and one has a green face.

Meanings and different faces:
red- Problem found on network
yellow- port closed
green- port open

As you can see in the second photo that it is a green face witch means port is open. If i just try changing it to a different port in tunngle, i still get the yellow face. No it does not matter how many or what all I have running or connected in the background since in the photo with the green face I have more things open than the one with the yellow face.

I never connected to a different provider , was and always has been hughes for the past 7 years (including when i had HN7000) but i never even once had a "yellow" face with the old 7000, only the red. When the tornado's struck the NOC in OK and got some of texas not long ago, this is when the green face mysteriously went back to yellow.

My question is why have you left this problem alone? Why did the port come open and strangely go back to the way it was after the tornado had hit the NOC in texas? Are you currently working on this problem to get it back to that way or not?
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