What are Tokens and how do I use them?

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What are Tokens, and how do I use them?

To find the correct answer please see our restore tokens – FAQ’s

What is a Restore Token?
Each HughesNet service plan includes a Download Allowance, designed to ensure that everyone has fair access to system bandwidth during peak periods. If your usage exceeds your plan’s allowance, your download speed is temporarily reduced for about 24 hours (or longer if you continue to download). By redeeming a Restore Token, your Daily Allowance is immediately reset, returning you to full speed. Your Download Allowance is not changed by purchasing a Token, and this fresh Download Allowance does not roll over into the next 24-hour period. Visit our Fair Access Policy FAQs to view the Download Allowance for each plan.

Has the Fair Access Policy been changed?
No. The policy remains the same – HughesNet is simply offering an additional option to users who might exceed the threshold once in a while.

What is a Complimentary Restore Token?
Each service plan receives one complimentary Restore Token every month on the billing date. You can redeem this Restore Token any time you exceed your Download Allowance, for free! This complimentary Restore Token ensures that even if you inadvertently exceed your allowance, you can get back up to speed right away.

How do I know that I need to use a Restore Token?
By downloading the Status Meter, you’ll be alerted right away if you exceed your allowance and are experiencing reduced download speeds. The Status Meter will provide one-click access to the Restore Tokens site in that case, helping you get back up to speed quickly. Find more information on the HughesNet Status Meter here.

Can I use a Restore Token before I exceed my Download Allowance?
Not at this time. Currently, you can only reset your allowance after it has been exceeded.

Do I need to buy a Restore Token if I exceed my Download Allowance?
No. The Restore Token is available for users who don’t want to wait for the speed restrictions to be lifted. There is no obligation to redeem or purchase a Restore Token.

What if I exceed my Download Allowance frequently?
While the Restore Tokens can provide immediate relief from exceeding your allowance, if you are a heavy user, you may want to consider upgrading to a service plan with a larger Download Allowance.

How many Restore Tokens can I purchase and use?
You may only use one Token at a time. However, you may purchase and “store” Restore Tokens. There is no limit to the number of Restore Tokens you may purchase, store, or use each month. Your monthly complimentary token does not roll over to the following billing cycle if it is not used.

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You might have to call hughes support to use a token because once they put into FAP mode the service is so slow that the hughes token page won't open at all.....least that is what happens to me. Super frustrating that they have these pages set up and then they slap you down so hard in FAP that they don't work even to use a token.
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If you download the status meter on the tools page then you can set the meter to automatically apply a token when you go over your allowance and then you don't have to jump hoops to get to that page but I usually don't have any problem getting there at all.
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I think that is as good as you can get. Same as I have mine set. You're welcome, glad to help.
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  • 1360 Likes and are sufficient... is google, and is your modem, should work just fine.
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Last question, I promise. Back to my first issue. Is there a place to configure my account to AUTOMATICALLY add a token as needed, or do I need to keep an eye on this manually and nip it in the bud BEFORE I exhaust my normal allowance?
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You are supposed to be able to tell Symbi (useless piece of software Hughes has IMO) to add tokens, but in all honesty, I would just keep an eye on the tokens once in awhile to make sure I have plenty and keep them filled up a good bit once in awhile.
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Okay. Good to know. A million thanks.Never did find the setting to configure AUTOMATIC tokens, but as you say I guess I just have to keep checking as I near exhausting my allowance. So be it unless you know the "secret location" of this setting.I appreciate your speedy responses and patience.Thank you very much.