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Photo of Patti
data usage
How can my status meter say that I have 100% of my bonus allowance left when I first turn my computer on in the morning, and then switch ...
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Photo of Euni
Super slow , here we go again !!
well, here we go again, have not been on here because HN is sooooo slow and complaining does not do much good, always the same answers.  ...
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Photo of cwescott92
Upgrading plan
I am a few months into a contract with Hughes net. If I decide to upgrade to a better plan, do I get an entirely new contract or just sta...
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Photo of misty cross
Liers lies all lies
Worst everi keep seeing that employess say they have all these satisfied customers but all i see is complaints and it must be common prat...
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Photo of Joel
DO Not get HugherNet if you are a online gamer it will NOT work. the sales man i was told should of told me that it was not for gamers bu...
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Photo of katie
Lots of us look forward to the last weekend of May because for many, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer.  Families...
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Photo of KK4IAY
I need to cancel my service.
I use the service only 6 months a year, and paying an exorbitant amount of money for poor quality and service. My income has dropped sign...
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Photo of jenbeth5
Thank you !!!
I hope you can find my Account , they were hear Thursday and Friday and it is all fixed I am happy !!
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